Unavoidable Health Benefits And Nutrition Facts Of Banana

nutrition facts of banana

How many times have you heard that eating one apple in a day keeps the doctor away? Well, a couple of times, isn’t it? But have you heard that eating one banana in a day keeps the doctor away too? Definitely not. But friend, that’s true banana is also good for health as same as an apple. This tasty fruit is loaded with so many nutrients like proteins, good carbs, vitamins, etc. Together with this, it is a good energy booster and contains the right amount of copper, iron, and magnesium. Want to explore more about the benefits and nutrition facts of banana? Well, give this content a read!

Nutrition Facts Of Banana:

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One medium ripe or one serving banana contains-

· 0-gram fat

· 28 grams carbohydrates

· 110 calories

· 1 gram protein

· 450 mg potassium

· 3 grams of fiber

· 15 grams of sugar

· 450 mg potassium

Check Out Amazing Health Benefits And Nutritional Facts Of Banana:

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1.Banana has 105 calories, making it perfect for those on a weight loss diet.

2. Bananas are loaded with dietary fibers that help in improving your digestive system. Moreover, these natural fibers reduce unnecessary cravings and help you stay in shape.

3. It helps to build muscle mass.

4. Bananas are full-choked with protein.

5. Protein is the basic need of your body. It helps in building muscle mass and boosting energy. Apart from this, the banana makes your muscle strong and keeps your body fit and healthy.

6. It cures various diseases like anemia, kidney problems, and so on.

As per the studies and reports, people who eat one banana every day have lower chances of developing severe diseases, including heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and so on.

Moreover, bananas generate good vibes and work as a mood booster. It controls the good emotions in our mind and body and transforms your sad emotions into happy emotions.

Banana is also a good source of iron and helps to regulate hemoglobin in the blood. According to the study, consuming two banana every day helps to prevent the deficiency of iron.

Easy Ways To Include Banana In Your Diet:

Banana Chips: There is no one who does not like banana chips. They are everyone’s favorite as they are delicious and non-oily.

Banana Smoothies And Desserts: When it comes to delicious as well as healthy smoothies, banana smoothies first pops into our mind. The reason is that they are easy to prepare, delightful, and good for weight loss. On the other hand, banana desserts are also great to satiate your sweet craving without worrying about extra kilos.

Eating oatmeal or cereals in your breakfast? If yes, then including banana into the oatmeal and grains will be a great choice for you. Moreover, you can also consume banana muffins and cakes.

Summing Up:

Banana is the best fruit that you can include in your daily diet. Along with good taste, it is also packed with many minerals and nutrients.

We can say that bananas are a bunch of magnificent health advantages.

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