Top White Rice Nutrition Facts That You Must Know

white rice nutrition facts

White rice is one of the foods that is widely eaten all over the world and people love to eat it and enjoy the taste a lot. There are many places where white rice is the staple food and these people love to eat white rice and they enjoy eating their rice a lot. But people do not know much about white rice and the nutrients that it has. This is important information because we must know what we are eating and how we are eating it. 

There are some facts that you must know if you are a white rice lover so that you can decide whether white rice is good for you or not. This important information will make you realize things about what you are eating and if that is right for you or not. It also makes you aware about the nutrients that are going into your body and see whether your body requires these. Here are some white rice nutrition facts that you must know so that next time you have that you know what you are eating. 


You must know that there are about fifty three grams of carbohydrate in one serving of polished rice. Solely a little quantity of that carbohydrate comes from fiber. Most of its starch and a small amount is sugar. The glycemic index of white rice is calculated to be 73. The glycemic index of brown rice, on the opposite hand, is estimated to be regarding 68. Short-grain rice tends to possess a better glycemic index than long-grain, medium-grain, and brown rice. White rice is polished and refined to make it the way that it is so that you can eat it and enjoy it. 

Vitamins And Minerals

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You can get a good amount of Vitamin B from white rice so you need to remember that when you are eating white rice. You can also get magnesium from hite rice which is something that your body needs for the daily functions and also to feel healthier. When compared to brown rice you should know that it has more vitamins than white rice so if you like brown rice then that is great. But even white rice is good so you do not have to worry if you eat the white rice in the right quantity as too much of everything can be bad for your health. 


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Rice is carb rich but it does have a little amount of proteins but that is not enough for your daily intake. You get about 4 grams of protein from a single serving of white rice which is quite less. When it comes to white rice then you get about 5 grams of protein so there is not much difference between both of them when it comes to protein. 


These are some nutrition facts about white rice that you must know about. All these white rice nutrition facts are important and if you are dieting then these white rice nutrition facts become even more essential for you. These facts are true and are based on research so you can easily conform them from different sources if you want to. 

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