Roots Natural Kitchen Nutrition Serving

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Although this may be true that a conventional catering meal is safe and simple, it might include a bag of chips as well. On the other hand, it contains oatmeal raisin cookie, and sandwich. It is spice full as well as delicious. In contrast, you wish to order big grain bowls; it might be a risky task for your event. However, the roots of natural kitchen nutrition is not only flavorful, enjoyable but also filling all sorts of people. It offers three catering options full of food, namely the big bowls, the spread, and the small bowls. For more info, you have to read the guide to place an order.

Roots Natural Kitchen Nutrition Variety 1

The Spread

Roots Natural Kitchen Nutrition Serving
Roots Natural Kitchen Nutrition Serving

In general, the spread is a recreation of several ingredients. You can make your salads, and grain bowls as you pass the line of guests. In short, it helps you to create your food. For instance, a full fun experience that is memorable plus unique can be created for your event. Notably, the minimum order is 18. Also, the service can be up to 500.


In order to make it, arcadian mix, kale, and brown rice are used.

Cheeses And Ingredients

That is to say, and you will need roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, grape tomatoes, charred corn. Additionally, you require feta, goat cheese, pita chips, lime-pickled onions, and cucumbers.

Hot Sauces And Dressings

You will need ingredients like basil balsamic, pesto vinaigrette, Cilantro, Caesar dressing, and Tabasco. Also, BBQ tofu and grilled chicken. The price, as can be seen per person, will be $4.50-$12.50.

Roots Natural Kitchen Nutrition Variety 2

Big Bowls

In general, big bowls are not only the big version but also the signature bowls. With this in mind, you can pick serving supplies and hot sauces. After all, it is about the feeling and sharing that connects you with your guests.

Roots Natural Kitchen Nutrition Serving
Roots Natural Kitchen Nutrition Serving

In contrast, it is secure than spread. It is due to the pretty straightforward dressing. In this case, the price will be $90/big bowl.

Roots Natural Kitchen Variety 3

Small Bowls

Generally speaking, it is the same as that of one served in the restaurant. However, its roots natural kitchen offer choices. In the long run, you can include hot sauces and other supplies. In general, simplicity is the aim of a small bowl. Since it is easier,  it works great on the jumping or moves in the event. For instance, the minimum order can be 15. It is per person. For this reason, it has priced at $9/person.

Roots Natural Kitchen Nutrition- Why?

As an illustration, it has not only memorable but also an outstanding delicious meal. Since taste is the vital element, the food is made pleasant. In other words, space is offered where people will be excited to make it. In the ground plant, oxygen is produced, and a grown plant has nutrition.

It made with impressive processes. In summary, natural food will have an excellent effect. Also, enjoy the delicious food.

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