Healthy Vitamins For Energy – Boost Yourself With The Right Nutrients

healthy vitamins for energy

Essential is a very self-explanatory word. In the fast track world that we live in, certain vitamins and minerals are very much essential to ensure ourself a normal survival. With an abundance of these vitamins and minerals present in our planet earth, the essential is a curated list. Though essential as such is undeniably subjective, a common list could be put which would be at the core of all individual lists. Each component of the list would have its own set of uses and benefits. At the same time, the deficiency of any of these vitamins and minerals would have severe implications on the body. The importance of protecting the immune system should be given serious notice since it is often forgotten amidst the busy lives of common people. Here are some Healthy Vitamins For Energy.

Healthy Vitamins For Energy

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The most essential of the vitamins and the minerals are, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Vitamin E Iron, Calcium, and Phosphorus. Each of these vitamins and minerals serves their use and cannot be substituted with any other supplements. Vitamin A is found in carrots and other carotene pigment edibles. It ensures healthy growth and development. Vitamins B is a group of nutrients found in whole unprocessed foods, abundant in food grains. They enrich the immune system and energy production. Vitamin D helps in the growth of healthy bones and is sufficiently available from the Sun’s light. Vitamin K is sourced from leafy greens and makes the blood coagulate thus serving an important purpose.

More Healthy Vitamins For Energy

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Almonds, tomatoes and other nuts are rich in Vitamin E. It has a major impact on blood circulation and its protection. Iron is an important mineral that enriches the production and quality of blood. Major sources of Iron are meat and spinach. Calcium which is absorbed from white milk products is the solely responsible mineral for healthy bones and teeth. Phosphorous is found in meat, milk, lentil, and nuts. It helps in the better functioning of the kidney and nerves. Though these are the most essential 8 of the vitamins and minerals, many of these 8, function best only when they are utilized along with certain other necessary vitamins and minerals. Thus, boosting the immune system function to its fullest.

Why is it important to protect the immune system?

The immune system is the front-line defense of the human body. It enables our body to be immune to certain levels of various diseases and other inflictions. Many organ cells and other proteins work together constituting the immune system. The superior benefits of the immune system are not realized until it malfunctions. The immune system protects the human body from all sorts of illnesses.


The immune system also is responsible for giving symptoms when an unknown foreign particle enters the body. If the immune system is inactive or not functioning properly, it makes our body prone to various diseases and conditions. Thus, with an improper immune system, it becomes a nightmare for the general functioning of the body. The immune system is also responsible for downgrading the immune response for important foreign particles such as food or the body’s tissue.

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