Facts And Figures Of Natural Light Beer Nutrition

natural light beer nutrition

Beer is the go-to drink of the masses. However, the calories and other factors of beer make it an unhealthy drink. Perhaps, facts of Natural Light Beer Nutrition is something that we all need to be well aware of. If we consider the best beer in the country, then some of the brands of beer are listed as healthy drinks. Every brew is not heavy but light. It is advised you to opt for simple beer because the more complex the beer, the more heavy and full of calories it will be. For a better insight into Natural Light Beer Nutrition, one needs to know about the types of beer and their nutrient values. This beer is not high in calorie rate and is fat-free as well.

Let’s Shed Some Light On Natural Light Beer Nutrition

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Amount of Calories

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A can of 12fl.oz of beer, as per the Natural Light Beer Nutrition, has 95 calories. It makes up around 5 percent of a calorie diet of 2,000. In contrast to other brands of beer, this beer has the least amount of calories. The calories are almost 50% lesser than other beer.

Amount of Fat

As per the Natural Light Beer Nutrition, it is not only a fat-free beverage but also a cholesterol-free beverage. Even though there is no fat, it should be consumed moderately. Excessive intake of calories from natural light beer leads to unwanted gaining of pounds and deposition of fat.

Amount of Carbohydrates

If we talk about the Natural Light Beer Nutrition, then 3.2g of carbohydrates are available in a 12.fl. Oz. of natural light. The natural light is brewed for periods longer than other beer’s brewing period. It is brewed using corn, malt, and a blend of hops. These ingredients are the reason behind the low-calorie amount of this beer. If the alcohol is brewed for longer periods, then the carbohydrates get broken down into sugar and further fermented into alcohol. The secret behind a good Natural Light Beer Nutrition is the brewing because the final product has very little carbohydrates as well as sugar, and thus, the beer is low-calorie beer.

Amount of Protein

As far as the Natural Light Beer Nutrition is considered in terms of protein, then it is not a protein’s source. In a 12 fl. oz. Beer, there is 0.7 percentage of protein available. It is necessary to consume good amounts of protein from various other sources throughout the day so that the body’s need for protein is met. However, every person’s body needs a different amount of protein. So, one should talk to their dietician or doctor regarding this.


To recapitulate, Natural Light Beer Nutrition needs the attention of the people because beer is one the most consumed drink around the world. So, the masses must know about Natural Light Beer Nutrition.

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