Collagen Peptides- Are They Suitable For Health?

Collagen Peptides- Are They Suitable For Health?

Collagen peptides are becoming more popular due to its health benefits. It is because collagen is a vital protein for our body, known as a structural protein. Our joints, skins, and bones build from 28 different collagen types that exist within us. However, types one, two, and three are in bulk. Our body continues to make collagen, but by the 20, its production starts decreasing. Therefore, we should take certain foods that are rich in collagen. Moreover, collagen peptides or supplements are also a good source of this vital protein.

Read on to know more about this essential amino acid and benefits of collagen peptides. In addition to this, you and your body will thank us for telling how vital this hardworking protein is.

Collagen Peptides- Are They Suitable For Health?
Collagen Peptides- Are They Suitable For Health?

Collage Peptides- What Is It?

Aforementioned that it is a building block of our body that works as a glue to join the tissues of the human body together. Moreover, more than one-third of the total amino acids that exists within us is collagen. In addition to it, new collagens built from three vital amino acids- hydroxyproline, proline, and glycine.

However, collagen peptides are the supplements also termed as collagen powder or hydrolyzed collagen. All these are simply protein powder. However, peptides indicate that it builds through the hydrolysis process. In this process, the amino acids are broken into smaller molecules so that our bodies can easily absorb it.

Although there are 28 types, three provide the necessary structure to our ligaments, muscles, and skin.  First of its kind give the basic structure, whereas our eye and cartilage constitute from the rest of the two.

Collagen Peptides Benefits

Youthful Skin

As we get old, our skin starts getting old too because of less production of collagen. We see results such as fine lines, sagging skin, and wrinkles. However, collagen peptides improve our skin and give back the youthfulness.

Collagen Peptides For Joints And Bones

Collagen peptides are essential to strengthen our bones and joints. Moreover, research shows that they are useful in reducing joint pain. The pain may cause due to low bone density or after intense exercise. However, taking supplements will make them more flexible and stronger. On the other hand, it gives relief from back pain and knees sore.

Collagen Peptides For Digestion

Moreover, as per the study, the glycine found in collagen aids digestion. Luckily, if you eat foods having this amino acid, then you can get relief from GI inflammation.

Collagen Peptides- Are They Suitable For Health?
Collagen Peptides- Are They Suitable For Health?

Collagen Peptides Or Natural Food

Of course, you can take supplements, but you should also know about the food that is rich in collagen. Fortunately, pork, chicken skins, bone broth, egg yolk, salmon, and non-muscle meats are good dietary sources. However, pair your food with those who are rich in vitamin C as it aids in producing more of these vital proteins.

On the other hand, you should eat spinach, fresh berries, broccoli, and other vitamin C rich food along with the supplements.

Moreover, you can add the supplement or protein powder to make healthy yet yummy recipes like smoothie and pudding. However, don’t exceed the limit from 65 mg per day for adults, which can go as high as 2000 mg a day.

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