Chicken Thigh Nutrition Facts – Do They Contain High Calories

chicken thigh nutrition facts

What are the chicken thigh nutrition facts? Is there really a difference between a chicken breast and a chicken thigh? Well, the truth is that a chicken breast has more meat on it than a chicken thigh. However, you can tell the difference simply by reading through the chicken thigh nutrition facts. The fact is that chickens are not the same as turkeys.

Turkeys And Chickens Have Similar Characteristics

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Turkeys and chickens both have similar characteristics when it comes to their appetites. Turkeys are relatively large and solid as well as having a strong sense of taste. Chickens, on the other hand, are small and round with soft bodies and a strong sense of taste. So, based on these two characteristics, what are the chicken thigh nutrition facts? Surprisingly, while the meat of chickens contains relatively more calories than that of a turkey, the same cannot be said about the chicken breast.

Chicken breasts, particularly those that come from the supermarket or farm markets, contain many fewer calories than boneless skinless chicken breasts. In fact, many experts recommend consuming chicken breast instead of the more popular alternative, boneless skinless chicken breasts, because they are lower in fats, and therefore do not add too many calories to your diet. Boneless skinless chicken breasts can have anywhere from three hundred to one thousand calories per serving, whereas boneless skinless chicken breasts have about six hundred calories per serving. Six hundred calories may seem like a lot, but it is still less than many of the other popular diets, such as low carb diets, protein diets, or the South Beach diet.

Chicken Thighs Versus Chicken Breast

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When it comes to chicken thighs versus chicken breast meat, you will be hard pressed not to find a health conscious individual who will make the switch over to the healthier option. Chicken thighs are leaner than the average cow and are just as good (if not better) at providing the necessary proteins necessary for building muscle and burning fat. There are many chicken thigh recipes available on the Internet that will allow you to experiment with different variations to help you find a delicious chicken thigh meat that you will love to eat every single day.

Calories In Chicken Breast Wings

How many calories in chicken breast wings and more? While it is a tough question to answer simply by listing out the number of calories, you can get a rough idea by considering the leanness of the chicken breast. If you are looking for a weight loss chicken breast recipe, think past the term “light.” Thin boneless chicken breast is often very lean, meaning there are not many calories inside the skin, and this makes them great for people who are trying to drop a few pounds. If you want a delicious, flavorful chicken breast that is full of flavor and is not too heavy, you will want to look for chicken breast that is boneless and skinless.


Is there a better way to learn about chicken breast or chicken thigh nutrition? Of course, there is! If you want to quickly and easily compare the nutrient content of different parts of a chicken, simply conduct an internet search for “chicken breast or chicken thigh calorie comparison.” This will give you dozens of results, allowing you to compare the caloric content of the different parts of the breasts. This is by far the quickest and easiest way to conduct a quick chicken vs chicken thigh calorie comparison.

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