Are Vitamins Necessary And Safe For The Lungs?

vitamins for healthy lungs

In today’s tough time where people struggle to save themselves from the pandemic, you need to stay fit and healthy. Lungs are the most important part to be taken care of. Eat healthy food and maintain a good diet to get the best health.

You can also clean your lungs from time to time in simple ways. For example, quit smoking, easy healthy food, drink lots of water, and monitor the quality of air surrounding you.

Vitamins Are Essential For Lungs


With the temperature change, there is a rise in air pollution. The small dust particles and the grains can enter the respiratory system. This may lead to irritation and several other lung-related problems. The cells start to get damaged. You may also start feeling uneasiness. The intake of vitamins can boost your lung health and can prevent the damage of the cells. The vitamins help you to get rid of the uneasiness and breathlessness.

Below Are the Vitamins that are essential for the Lungs

Vitamin A


This is the fat-soluble and the most important nutrient required for better lung health. This helps to boost the immunity of the body and generates new cells. By the intake of vitamin A, you can improve the lung tissues. In addition to this, it also helps for the development of the new tissues and the cell. You need not consume a lot of Vitamin A to stay healthy. This can also be consumed in small quantity which is effective for a long time in the body.

Dairy products, cereals, carrots, broccoli, fish are some of the common sources of Vitamin A.

Vitamin C

This helps the body in different ways and prevents the lungs from the disease. A perfect intake of Vitamin C helps to develop the body’s immune system and improves the skin. Smoking and toxins cause inflammation in the body. Vitamin C helps to remove them easily and makes the lungs pure. Vitamin C is mainly present in the citric fruits, fights against the radicals and toxins present in the body. And this also avoids damaging the molecules.

Vitamin C lowers down the lung tissue damage rate, and they tend to improve themselves. This is also helpful to get rid of asthma and improves the respiratory system. Eat many citrus fruits, chili peppers, kiwi, berries, and guava for Vitamin C.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D gives a lot of strength to the teeth. This reduces the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease flare-ups and also prevents asthma and other respiratory problems. You can get vitamin D in tuna, sardines, oysters, and eggs.


Vitamins are very much essential for the lungs and the body. Right lungs give you good health and fresh air to breathe. This keeps you fit and fine for daily work.

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